Beyond Tracking

How Lawson Sideloader Services Put An End To Fleet Mismanagement

Lawson Sideloader Services is a pivotal player in the transport and logistics sector, operating out of Melbourne, Australia. With a dominant presence across the eastern seaboard, including New South Wales and Queensland, Lawson has established itself as Australia's premier side loader operator. The company's ambition to excel in container transport is matched by its commitment to operational efficiency and fleet expansion.

The Challenge:

The management of Lawson's extensive truck and driver fleet, consisting largely of owner-operator contractors, presented significant challenges. Without a reliable way to measure fleet performance, size, or pinpoint operational bottlenecks, Lawson was struggling to manage their operations effectively. The limited capabilities of their existing fleet management platform further complicated things by failing to offer the adaptability required to meet Lawson’s specific operational needs.

The Solution:

Sky Ledge was enlisted to improve visibility and control over Lawson's truck fleet. By integrating advanced tracking devices from Digital Matter with Sky Ledge's innovative platform, Sky Ledge provided Lawson with comprehensive monitoring, including real-time location tracking, use analysis, and maintenance scheduling. To meet Lawson's specific requirements, customised event types and geofencing technologies were used, providing precise performance data and tailored operational insights.

The Results:

The deployment of Sky Ledge's solution marked a growth point for Lawson Sideloader Services. Their enhanced fleet management capabilities led to big improvements in operational efficiency, reduced asset misplacement, and helped them make better use of their resources. Detailed performance analytics allowed Lawson to identify the most and least efficient vehicles, contributing to strategic decision-making and resource allocation. To underscore the value of actionable insights, the visibility provided by the Sky Ledge platform enabled Lawson to pinpoint a major bottleneck in their busiest container yard. This discovery not only allowed them to reduce its impact but also facilitated the expansion of the yard.

The Future Together:

Encouraged by the impact of Sky Ledge’s fleet management solution, Lawson Sideloader Services is set to explore further innovations and efficiencies with Sky Ledge. The ongoing collaboration aims to leverage additional platform features, enhancing operational capabilities and fostering continuous improvement.

The engagement with Lawson Sideloader Services reinforced the importance of a tailored, domain-driven solution approach. It highlighted the necessity of flexibility and customization in addressing unique industry challenges, proving the efficacy of Sky Ledge's technology and methodology in delivering real-world results.

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