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Sky Ledge is an IoT platform that enables Small to Medium Enterprise (SME's) to:
Improve operational efficiency by tracking the location, condition and performance of any asset.

Featured Use Cases

Fuel Theft Prevention and Fuel Efficiency

Sky Ledge, employing IoT and machine learning, revolutionizes fuel management for fleets in Africa - providing real-time insights to detect fuel theft and optimizes fuel consumption for cost savings and sustainability.

Electric Fence Monitoring

Your client’s electric fences have an optimal voltage range they should operate within. To ensure your electric fence stays within this range, we can deploy a Red-Amber-Green (RAG) system that will inform them of the health of the fence and the sensor.

Water Tank Level Monitoring

Learn how Sky Ledge can be used to track water tank levels and respond to changes in real-time.

Insights demand Action

Traditional graphs and reports leave you asking "so what" and "what do I do about it?". Sky Ledge surfaces practical insights with the ability to take action. Raise an alarm, approve an invoice, issue a reminder, provide clearance with any type of action.

Systems need Streamlining

Staff hate sifting through multiple systems to find stuff. Sky Ledge beautifully ties your platforms together giving your team a single, consistent experience.

Teams expectEmpowerment

Your teams need to manage their environment effectively. Each team has access to their own, personalised view of what's important to them. This way your OH&S, Finance, Asset and any other team is managing what they care about.

Assets needAutomation

We go beyond basic asset management. We automate maintenance, enable predictive maintenance and translate insights about assets in language that makes sense to different stakeholders.

Places shapeBehaviour

Answer geographic questions that impact your operations. Unearth geographic patterns hidden in your data, and convey that information in a way that is actionable.

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