Tracking Trailers

How Lawson Sideloader Services Put An End To Fleet Mismanagement

Lawson Sideloader Services, based in Melbourne, Australia, is a key player in the transport and logistics industry along the eastern seaboard. With a fleet of over 150 skeletal trailers and ambitions to expand, Lawson faced the critical challenge of enhancing fleet visibility and control—a challenge that Sky Ledge was ready to meet.

The Lawson Sideloader Services team alongside their fleet in Melbourne, Australia.

The Problem:

Lawson's considerable fleet size brought unique challenges, including difficulties in tracking trailer locations, optimising utilisation, and ensuring timely maintenance. Existing solutions, both battery-powered and solar-powered tracking devices, fell short due to battery life issues, durability concerns, and solar panel damage. This inefficiency led to misplaced trailers and operational delays, directly impacting revenue and customer satisfaction.

The Solution:

Sky Ledge introduced a cutting-edge approach using the Digital Matter Remora 2 device, known for its ruggedness and exceptional 10-year battery life. When integrated, the Sky Ledge platform provided real-time visibility, advanced location tracking, utilisation monitoring, and high-impact event detection for Lawson’s trailers. Features like geofencing were introduced to improve the management and efficient distribution of trailers across various container yards, addressing the core challenges faced by Lawson.

The Results:

The implementation of Sky Ledge's solution revolutionised Lawson's operations, granting them unprecedented centralised control and visibility over their trailers. Operational inefficiencies and asset misplacement were significantly reduced, while the ability to monitor utilisation and maintenance needs led to notable cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction. This operational overhaul has allowed Lawson to confidently manage their large fleet and explore further optimisations with Sky Ledge's platform.

The Future Together:

Encouraged by the success of this partnership, Lawson plans to continue leveraging Sky Ledge's innovative solutions for their growing trailer fleet. This collaboration is set to explore additional features aimed at enhancing truck fleet management, underscoring Sky Ledge’s commitment to supporting Lawson’s expansion and operational excellence.

Sky Ledge is dedicated to innovation, efficiency, and user-centric solutions that can transform the operational dynamics of the transport and logistics industry. As Lawson looks to the future, Sky Ledge remains a pivotal partner in their journey towards operational excellence and expansion.

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