Water Tank Level Monitoring

August 29, 2022

Are your agriculture clients worried about whether there's enough water in the trough for their livestock?

Are they spending hours a day driving from water tank to water tank, ensuring the levels haven't dropped dangerously low?

Are they having to pay someone to check water tanks multiple times a day because they don't have a better way of keeping an eye on their tank levels?

Read on to learn how Sky Ledge can give farmers peace of mind by delivering real-time visibility into their water levels.

You can use a Red, Amber, Green system for monitoring your client’s tank levels where you agree on pre-set thresholds like the following:

>60% full → Green

>20% and <60% full → Amber

<20% full → Red

These thresholds and alert frequencies are entirely customizable. They can be tailored to your situation.

Sky Ledge makes it easy to ingest data from a whole host of devices, including LoraWAN water level monitors, making it simple to ingest and make sense of data.

Once the data is in the platform, your client can monitor water levels at a glance.

Sky Ledge's Event Stream makes responding to issues easy. Events can notify farmers:

  • in response to changes in fill levels
  • when capacity has dropped to critical levels
  • rapid emptying
  • when levels return to normal
  • whatever you like! Sky Ledge events are entirely customizable

Each farm has its own challenges, and what's abnormal at one farm might be standard practice for another. With Sky Ledge you can customize your client’s trigger thresholds, which we’ve taken the liberty to define for you in this case. Allowing you to tailor the thresholds to the usage and unique circumstances of your client

Farmers can monitor active and historic events within their control room, as well as subscribe to events via SMS and email, giving them a window into their water tank without having to physically monitor it.

Sky Ledge control room with populated Event Stream

Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to learn more about what we do at Sky Ledge.

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