Electric Fence Monitoring

September 15, 2022

Are your clients sick of not knowing whether their electric fence is faulty?

Are they tired of driving out daily to check if there’s been a voltage drop on their fence?

Are they struggling to identify where the fault exists when dealing with kilometres of fencing?

Let’s find out how Sky Ledge can help simplify what can be a tricky problem to solve.

Your client’s electric fences have an optimal voltage range they should operate within. To ensure your electric fence stays within this range, we can deploy a Red-Amber-Green (RAG) system that will inform them of the health of the fence and the sensor.

You can tailor thresholds and alerts to meet the specific needs of farmers. It’s one of the reasons solution providers find Sky Ledge particularly useful.

Farmers can use the RAG system to stay informed of the operation of their electric fence:

  • Is it automatically recharging when the voltage drops (whether solar or battery powered, it doesn’t matter)
  • Is the fence working at all (allows your client to go out only when the sensor is faulty)
  • Does the system work end-to-end (monitor, sensor and charging)

Sky Ledge can also help with narrowing down the location of faults. Place multiple sensors along a particular fencing section to pinpoint the fault’s location.

And last but not least, by monitoring historical recordings of the sensor, you can detect unusual drops or spikes in voltage which can indicate livestock or pests getting caught in a section of fencing.

If a section of your client’s fencing is particularly problematic with regards to pests or livestock getting stuck, you can even set up CCTV footage to help you monitor in real-time using one of our widgets.

If you want to set up your own demo and have it up and running in minutes, check out this easy to follow tutorial: Create your own Electric Fence Monitoring solution in 3 CLI commands

If your client wants to monitor their water tank levels or soil moisture, you can check out our other use cases: Water tank level monitoring and Soil moisture monitoring.

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